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The New Subarus Make Winter Driving a Breeze!

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Driving during the winter in New England means dealing with a lot of rapidly-changing conditions. While the weather might look tame one moment, you can easily be dealing with full-blown snow flurries the next. Navigating all the stresses of winter traffic is a lot easier when you’ve got a car that’s equipped for it.

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Minimize Wear & Tear On Your Subaru

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Nobody wants to buy a new Subaru car just to have it fall apart quickly due to weather and elements. Just like you shouldn't put baby in a corner, you shouldn't keep your Subaru tucked into your garage- because Subaru’s sophisticated engineering is best enjoyed on the road. 


I mean nobody wants to buy a new Subaru car just to have it break down a year later. Thankfully, Subaru cars are incredibly reliable, and they’ll continue to run smoothly for years when they’re properly maintained.

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Why The New Subaru Ascent Will Be On The Top Of Your Holiday Wish List

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The Subaru Ascent is the largest SUV in the Subaru lineup and is perfect for New England drivers who are looking for a family-friendly vehicle. Not only does the Subaru Ascent come with a long list of impressive features and a ready for anything attitude, but it's also spacious, filled with technology, and stunning, both inside and out. If you still aren't convinced that the Subaru Ascent is right for you, here are five reasons that may change your mind.

#1 Bigger Than Ever

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