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The Subaru Outback lineup has a reputation for it's go-anywhere off-road ability. For 2022, the Outback lineup has gained another model: the 2022 Outback Wilderness model, and with more ground clearance, enhanced off-road styling, and other off-road inspired cues, there's never been a more capable Outback model available. At Gengras Subaru, we have a great selection of new 2022 Outback Wilderness models for sale and want to help you buy or lease one today. Even if your travels remain largely on the road, with standout styling and upscale interior features, there's something for everyone to like about the new Outback Wilderness model.


What Makes the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Model Different?


All-Terrain Tires and Wheels

Another difference that makes the Outback Wilderness model better equipped to take on any terrain off-road is its standard all-terrain wheels and tires. Every model comes with matte-black 17-inch off-road wheels to withstand the shock of any surface. To help maintain optimal traction, you'll also get standard Yokohama GEOLANDAR® all-terrain tires. Even if you aren't off-road, the wheel and tire setup is sure to help you stand out when you're driving around Connecticut.

Unique Design Cues

One of the most distinguishing features on the new 2022 Outback Wilderness model is the matte-black anti-glare decal on the front hood, giving it a unique look while also helping to keep the sun out of your eyes as you're exploring the great outdoors in New England. All models also come with hexagonal LED lights and a hexagonal grille to match. With reinforced roof rails, you can mount any roof rack, including a tent so you can go camping anywhere your travels take you. Inside the cabin, you can enjoy StarTex® water-repellent upholstery, so if your vehicle gets dirty, you can spray it down and wipe the dirt and mud away.


Higher Ground Clearance

Normal Outback models are among the SUVs with the highest ground clearance with 8.7-inches in every model. The new 2022 Outback Wilderness increases ground clearance to 9.5-inches. This not only adds to its rugged exterior profile to help attract attention, but it also gives you the ability to traverse over obstacles when you're off-road so you don't damage your vehicle. It also helps you enjoy a more commanding view of the road ahead.


With all these combining factors, the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness model lets you conquer the streets of Newbury Park and any terrain off-road. All models come with a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 260-horsepower and 277 pounds-feet of torque, the same engine offered in other Outback XT variant models. The new Outback Wilderness model also lets you tow up to 3,500 pounds so you can bring a trailer, boat, or camper with you on the go.


Skid Plates and Body Cladding

When your travels take you out onto rugged terrain when you're camping, hiking, fishing, or off-roading, you can drive confidently knowing that your vehicle is protected. All Outback Wilderness models come with skid plates that protect the vital components under the vehicle. Even with 9.5-inches of ground clearance, when you're climbing steep rock inclines or fording rivers, you want to ensure that the underside of your vehicle is protected. All models also get extra body cladding around the wheel wells to protect your paint and exterior from rocks, mud, and more.

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